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Trumpet Studio Fees & Policies


Trumpet lesson fees start at just $140/month. Credit cards are accepted.

To make paying for your lessons as flexible as possible, there are many options available. Cash, check, Venmo, Zelle, and credit card payments are all accepted. If you wish to pay for the whole year in full at the start of the school year, you will receive a discount of 10%, which works out to about one month of free lessons. You may also receive a 5% discount if you pay for a semester in full at the start of the semester, which works out to about two free lessons per year. Students who join the studio in the middle of the year will have their fees prorated to reflect the number of weeks remaining. The following is a summary of the annual fee payment options:

Payment in Full at the beginning of the School Year: Save 10%

Payment at the Beginning of each Semester: Pay in 2 installments, Save 5%

Monthly Payments: 10 Equal Installments, August-May due on the 1st of each month (except for August)

Total Fees are dependent on the number of weeks remaining in the school year when the student begins and the length of lessons for the program in which the student is enrolled. Weekly lessons are offered in lengths of 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes, subject to program availability. Contact William here for current prices or submit an application to begin lessons.


1. All of William Cooper’s programs (Summer Lessons excepted) begin and end each year in accordance with the Orange County Public Schools calendar year, Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Break are observed. (Contact William for more information about the Summer Studio.)

2. William Cooper has an ongoing enrollment policy for all music programs. Students enrolling anytime after the beginning of the school year in August will have their annual fee pro-rated from their enrollment date. The annual fee is calculated or pro-rated from each student’s start date each year through the remainder of the current school year.

3. Discounts are available for any student who chooses to pay their annual fee in full (10%) or in two installments (5%). Discounts on pro-rated payments will be offered at William Cooper's discretion.

4. The annual fee refers to a student’s total fee as calculated from each individual music program enrolled in for that calendar school year.

6. William Cooper reserves the first four lessons of any music program as a probationary period. During this time the student may withdraw or be dismissed and receive a full refund of their annual fee less the pro-rated fee for the probationary period.

7. Once the probationary period has passed it shall be understood that the annual fee is payable whether or not a student is withdrawn at a subsequent time during the school year. Students are considered enrolled for the full calendar year or that portion of the year remaining from completion of their probationary period. No refunds will be issued except in the case of legitimate emergencies.

8. Please make all checks payable to “William Cooper”. Tax receipts available upon request.

9. Students should be warmed up and ready to play at the start of all lessons. Please prepare in advance of your lesson accordingly.

10. All assignments (playing, written and listening) are expected to be completed and/or prepared before the next lesson or the assigned due date.

11. A minimum of 24 hours advanced notice is required to qualify for make-up lesson. Make-up lessons will only be offered at William Cooper's discretion and are subject to availability. No refunds will be issued for missed lessons.

12. Monthly payments are due on the 1st of the month for the upcoming month of lessons. Pro-rated amounts will carry over to the next month and will be due on the 1st of the month. A late fee of $15 will be assessed for all monthly payments not made within 14 days of the due date.

13. Any questions or concerns should be communicated with William Cooper as soon as possible.

Financial Assistance

If you need financial assistance, I have a select number of spots available in my studio for a reduced annual fee based on need.

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