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Free Practice Resources

Free resources created by William to help you learn how to play the trumpet. Learn scales, fingerings, and get tools to help you practice more efficiently.

Free Music

Free PDFs from the Public Domain. Duets, method books, etudes, and more, including books by Arban, Gallay, and Wurm. Now there's no excuse to have "nothing to practice."


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Free Practice Resources

Anki Practice Decks (computer only)

Anki is a spaced repetition system (SRS) that uses flashcards to help learners memorize new information. I created these practice decks to help students memorize their key signatures and scales. Use these practice decks in conjunction with the PDFs above and you will be playing your scales with proficiency in no time!


Anki is free software available for download at:


Note Recognition and Fingerings

Key Signatures

One-Octave Major Scales

Two-Octave Major Scales

Scales and Arpeggios

Trumpet Fingerings (and much more)

Practice Resources
Music PDFs
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